About us

John Lambert (North West) Ltd are a specialist contractor offering a range of decoration and cleaning services for historic building restorations. John Lambert staff have over 25 years experience working on many listed buildings including cathedrals, churches, stately homes, monuments and National Trust properties and we are happy to offer a free advisory service prior to any work.

Historic and listed buildings often require a flexibility to respond to the unique challenges of working with historic building fabric. Technical knowledge underpins the choice and use of modern and traditional materials and the application of the most appropriate specialist techniques.


Our experienced specialist decorators undertake all aspects of interior and exterior decoration and have an understanding of the specific requirements demanded by historic buildings. Specialist decorative finishes include:

                         –  Gilding with Gold & Silver Leaf     –  Specialist Paint Application

                         –  Specialist Wallpaper Hanging       –  Decorative Stencilling

                         –  Traditional Limewashing                –   Hand Painted Furniture

                         –  Paint Stripping                                     –  Timber Varnishing & Polishing 


Historic cleaning services provided by John Lambert (North West) Ltd can provide both external and internal cleaning of historic buildings using techniques which include the TORC, DOFF, PeelAway Paint Removal System and Clean-Film Cleaning System. These can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces including:

                         –  Stone                                                        –  Fibrous Plaster Cornices

                         –  Cement                                                    –  Plain or Carved Woodwork

                         –  Brick                                                         –  All Types of Metalwork

                         –  Plaster Walls & Ceilings


Our experienced team of historic building cleaning specialists provide cleaning of surfaces to remove decades of discolouring pollution, graffiti, paints, bitumen, oil and grease, smoke staining, chewing gum, biological fungal or lichen growth and bird guano.


Building and Conservation provided by John Lambert (North West) Ltd includes the services of a dedicated specialist contractor who help to conserve the historical properties of Great Britain. With over 30 years of experience working on cathedrals, stately homes, churches and public buildings across the North-West. Our projects are testament to the team of skilled stonemasons, joiners, pointers, lime plasterers and specialist decorators that have maintained relations with our clientele.