Clean-Film Cleaning System

The Clean-Film cleaning system consists of a thin layer of latex paste applied to internal surfaces to remove dirt, stains and pollution. This thin layer of latex can quickly be applied with a brush or spray to even the most intricately carved or detailed surface without any degradation or loss of original fabric. It is then left for an appropriate dwell time, during which time the latex takes on rubber like properties and absorbs any dirt, such as carbon pollution or smoke soiling. It can then be carefully peeled off the surface and disposed of in normal landfill sites.

This cleaning system does not leave any chemical residues or have any after effect on the substrate. As there is no need to use water either during the cleaning process or after it to remove any residual chemicals, it can be used in environmentally sensitive interiors. There is no risk of damage to adjacent surfaces or artefacts and there is no risk of salt residues or moisture being introduced to the substrate.