DOFF System

The DOFF system is a steam based cleaning system that can achieve temperatures of 150°. The temperature and pressure of the water can be varied so as to not damage the surface.

The DOFF system will effectively remove paint, bitumen, oil and grease, chewing gum and biological matter from virtually all surfaces, including brick, stone, tiles, terracotta, concrete and timber. The superheated water will not only remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter with ease, but it will also kill off spores which means there is no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological growth.

The high temperature of the steam also means the pressure on the surface being cleaned is gentle and the volume of water being used is low. The surface being cleaned is therefore not saturated and will soon dry.

For use internally or in locations of environmental sensitivity the DOFF technique can be used with a suction system. This confines the jet of steam within a funnel and when in use all of the steam and any toxins dislodged from the cleaned surface will be immediately removed, contained and can be safely removed. This facility makes the application of the DOFF system extremely versatile minimising any unwanted side effects from the cleaning process.

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