Historic Cleaning Services

The historic cleaning services provided by John Lambert (North West) Ltd can provide both external and internal cleaning of historic buildings using techniques which include the TORC, DOFF, PeelAway Paint Removal System and Clean-Film Cleaning System (More information can be found on our techniques pages). These can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces including stone, cement, brickwork, plaster walls and ceilings, plain and ornate fibrous plaster cornices, carved woodwork and plain or cast metalwork.

Our experienced team of historic building cleaning specialists provide cleaning of surfaces to remove decades of discolouring pollution, graffiti, paints, bitumen, oil and grease, smoke staining, chewing gum, biological fungal or lichen growth and bird guano. In many instances, work at high level can be achieved from access platforms without the need for costly and unsightly scaffolding.

Our Aim

Our aim is to clean in a very sympathetic manner using tried and tested systems which clean without damage to retain the natural patina, detail and beauty of the material.

A sensitive approach to historic building cleaning not only produces the best results, but is also often the most environmentally friendly. Fully trained and experienced staff work closely alongside many conservation architects and clients such as English Heritage.

Approved Contractor

Stonehealth Ltd have developed both the TORC and DOFF sensitive cleaning systems and maintain an approved list of contractors who have been fully trained to use them, to ensure that work is carried out to the highest possible standards. John Lambert (North West) Ltd have been Rosette Approved by Stoneheath Ltd and are an approved contractor. For more information on Stonehealth Ltd products and consultancy click here.

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