Troutbeck Farm, Windemere


Troutbeck Farm, Windemere : Farmhouse, Cottae, Oak Peg Barn and Hird House

Client: The National Trust

Architext: Hyde Harington

Contract Period: 30 weeks

Contract Sum: £345,000

Troutbeck Farm is a large area that has an amazing history in relation to Beatrix Potter who famously bought the far land in 1923 to save the land from being re-developed and to keep the farm together as a working unit. When she died in 1942, 4000 acres of land were left to have the National Trust along with her flocks of Herdwick sheep. Since that time the Trust have managed and maintained her legancy.

The business was appointed by architects Hyde Harrington to work on the refurbishement of the Farmous, Oak Peg Barn, Hird House Barn and a detached cottage at Troutbeck Farm and over a period of 30 weeks from September 2017 to March 2018 work on the buildings as per the initial specification have been completed to bring the properties back up to the required standard.

The work at the properties have included groundworks, replacements of kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, floors, heating systems, electrical work, damp proofing having at all times to conserve the look and authenticity of the existing structures.